Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm Back....

Girl Scout cookie time is almost up. They extended our sale until April 30th. We have around 100 boxes of cookies to sell yet. But the end is near, and I might be able to get crafty again.

Yesterday, Mady and I made some button flowers, for my sickly looking plant. The idea came from Family Fun . Weston gave the plant to me for Mother's Day last year. And it's amazing it's still alive. It's been dropped, tipped, forgotten to water, kids watered it too much.
But here is a picture:

And then today I made some flowers, from scraps of paper and buttons. I got the idea from Creating Keepsakes. They also go with Some Odd Girls challenge, which is to pleat something. Not sure if it will count since I haven't added it to a project, but just had to share. And there challenge only said to pleat something. LOL.

It feels so good to be crafting again!