Friday, November 27, 2009

How do I?

Ok, obviously I'm really new at this. Since this is only my 4th posts. How do I add blog candy and comments into the sidebar? I've been looking through things, and can not figuire out how to get it to my side bar. Please someone help!


  1. hiya sunshine!
    when you log in, go to your dashboard, then click on "layout", OR click the link on top that says "customize" - you SHOULD have access to a bunch of new options. you'll want to "add a gadget" - and for an image or link to blog candy, you'll choose "picture", and enter the correct link, upload the piccie, and you're all set! (be sure you've right clicked and saved the images of the candy beforehand to your computer)

    hope that helps! i'll be back to check on you. ;) hee hee.