Monday, April 22, 2019

Oh my stars!

I finished the top of the oh my stars I spy quilt.

I decided to give leaders and enders a try again. So while piecing the top, I started sewing 2.5" I spy squares together.

I'm thinking a postage stamp I spy quilt. But I need lots more variety in my squares.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Very little progress

I made a little progress on my I spy oh my stars quilt. Because it was 60* outside. Hard to believe most of the snow is gone already. Spent most of the day outside. Had to enjoy it today, since tomorrow is 100% chance of rain.

Monday, April 15, 2019

The start of another I spy quilt

I started another I spy quilt. This time I'm using my 5"squares. I'm using Pat Sloan's Oh my starspattern.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

I spy

During the snowstorm, between cuddling my sick kid, I managed to get an I spy with my top done.

Friday, April 12, 2019

Snow and a baby quilt.

Wednesday around 3PM, they called off school for Thursday. This is what it was like outside.

Thursday morning:

Throughout the day it snowed, thundered, lightening, hailed and sleeted. I spent the day cuddling a sick little boy, coughing and high fever.

Friday (today) school was two hours late. Woke up to it still snowing.

I finished this baby quilt about two weeks ago. Can't believe I haven't shared it yet. Someone my husband works for is expecting a baby. His wife is getting induced today! Lucas asked him what kind of baby blanket they would like. He said one with Case IH tractors. The baby is a girl. I wasn't very happy that my husband asked. But after spending a day on the internet searching I found a panel with tractors on it that was girly.

I than spent a week coming the internet looking for a pattern. I seen this quilt posted by Jo.

And I drafted out the size stripsi would need and made this:

Thursday, April 11, 2019

ABC book

I made an ABC book for my niece for her 2nd birthday. pattern I used.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

FAL Q2 List

I finished 5 projects off of my FAL Q1 list. Yet my list has grown!

1. I Spy Jar Quilt. I have fabric collected for this, debating on the background and jar lids.

2. Halloween Mini quilt. I started this last year before Halloween, didn't finish it before Halloween and tucked it away.

3. Lowercase rag letters to go with the upper case ones I made last list.

4 and 5. I found some chalkboard fabric at walmart. I found two patterns I want to make with it. A tic tac toe board and a small chalkboard for my youngest to practice his letters on.

6. A drawstring bag for the rag letters.

7. A superhero quilt.

8. My niece is expecting her 2nd baby, and I think this is the quilt I'm going to make.

9. A rainbow quiet book.

10, 11, and 12. 3 I spy quilts. (I'm sure I could make more with my collection of novelty fabric!)

13. Seeing Stars quilt.

14. A memory bear for my Aunt. I'm tempted to tell her I can't. I'm not sure how to work with this fabric.

15.Apple Mini

16. ABC quilt.

17. A rainbow Irish Chain quilt(this picture was taken from the web.) I have some neutral 2.5" blocks cut and put in a ziplock, I have a bunch of 2.5" colored squares sorted into their colored boxes.

18. House quilt-I have all kinds of colored scraps saved and I have this pattern bought, found this picture on the internet and this is what my goal is, a rainbow house quilt.

19. With all my rainbow scrappy chunks, I want to make this crumb quilt.

20. Scrappy Rainbow Stars Quilt.

21. I want to make a whole bunch more quilted hearts.

22. Something from this owl fabric for a niece.

23. Something from this walking dead fabric.

24. I have a bunch of scraps of felt left over and plan on making a red hulk mask for my son and some sesame street bean bags for a niece.

I'm sure there is a lot more projects lying around in my room but I'll leave it at this. FAL Q2 list.

Monday, April 8, 2019

v, w and sorting

I got v and w done. Now I need to go shopping to figure out the rest of the letters left.

I'm debating about this one for n. (music) notes. Do you think it works?

I decided since I had no more fabric to use to make letters I would sort through a bag of scrap novelty fabric.

The bag still has a lot left in it!