Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Great Girl Gathering at the MOA

So we survived the Great Girl Gathering and 50,000 Girl Scouts. I heard on the news that The Great Girl Gathering rivaled Black Friday at the mall. It was insane! Here's a picture of the start of the Birthday Celebration on Saturday:

My Girl Scout and Brownie Elf (she can't wait til she's a brownie):

My girls with Daisy Flower:

The girls with Zinni.
On Sunday we got to see China McLain (didn't have very good seats).
A picture of all the people at the concert:
It was a crazy busy weekend. I discovered the kids would rather be out in the wood on a nature walk. We went to a Wildlife Refuge the last day and they had more fun out in the woods. But then we are from a small town.

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