Friday, November 18, 2016

Perfect day to quilt

Today is our first Snow Storm of the year. School got cancelled. Today I'm working on finishing up this quilt.

My plan was to use my walking foot and quilt in the ditch, but my walking foot for this machine is bent. I took out my old machine and it was acting up, all my stitches were different lengths. So brought out this machine again and decided just to all over free motion quilt.

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  1. oh dear looks like a new walking foot is on the shopping list, I have no joy quilting in the ditch mind you all quilting is a struggle to me but yours is looking great

  2. It's looking good. Glad the walking foot hiccup didn't stop you from sewing on

  3. Your all free motion quilting looks beautiful. I'm sorry you had trouble with your walking foof though. That is not fun. :(

  4. Oh, the texture is going to be so great with that overall motif! Super snuggly :) Such a sweet rainbow quilt.