Friday, June 30, 2017

Old jeans

With the kids out of school I have to steal little bits of time here and there to craft.

I have a whole bin of old jeans. I started cutting them up into circles using my ruler.

(my phone doesn't take good pictures!)

My plan is to make an I spy quilt for picnics and parades for next summer. I just need to get a bunch of different 5" novelty squares to make this. Any ideas on where to get a whole bunch? If someone would love to Swap, maybe we could set something up....


  1. Aghhhh now I know why you wanted 5 inch eye spys. I'll be watching your progress on this one as it looks like fun!

  2. best of luck shaving those jeans was a good idea. I made some hats but unfortunately they did not fit anyone!