Sunday, October 9, 2016

My list of sewing projects...

Over at She can quilt, they are having a FAL (Finish A-Long). And they are asking everyone to link up their list of projects that you wish to complete in the next 3 months.

I started going through all my sewing related projects and I made quite a list. In no particular order:

1. Complete the binding on a baby quilt that is for a gift. I hope to have this completed by next weekend.

(Finished, gifted and blogged.

2. Make a baby quilt for my niece. She is pregnant with her first baby. (Progress Done)

3. I want to make this card wallet for me.

4. Continue working on My Splendid Sampler. I have around 30 of the 60+ blocks that have been released.

5. I would love to get my rainbow cat quilt done.

6. Get this I spy quilt top done and put together. I participated in an I spy swap at Val's Quilting Studio this summer. I took up 2 spots and this is about half of my blocks I got back.

7. Get this car quilt done for my youngest. I started this quite a while ago and it keeps getting put at the end of my list.

8. My husband wants me to make a couple pillowcases from this fabric for gifts. (Done and blogged.)

9. My MIL asked me to embroider her SIL grandkids on this pillowcase to give to her.(done and blogged.)

10. I made this halloween costume for my youngest son last year. I know it will still fit him. So my plan is to stitch done the letters and wash it so he can use it again. (Blogged)

11. Get all my Christmas gifts done!! Lots of them going on. That is why my blog has been so quiet.( blogged)

12. Make a wall quilt from this pattern to hang in my mom's knitting room.

I have lots more projects I would love to do, but this is quite a list to tackle.


  1. you have certainly lots on the go here so you can give one a rest when you want a change, loving the cat blocks thinking I would like to make some of those and the card wallet looks so useful. Love the binding part of quilting you will have that completed in no time. Dread to share my list it is so long!

  2. Wow. That's a lot going on. If you get half of that done I'd be happy

  3. That's a great assortment of projects! Have fun