Monday, October 31, 2016

Weekend of Splendid Sewing

I got 10 blocks done for the Splendid Sampler.

I started out Appliqueing. I fused all the pieces onto these 5 blocks, and then sewed the pieces down all at the same time. This saved me from having to switch the thread multiple times.

Block #55 Dedication Rose

Block #56 At Home Anywhere

Block #63 The Icing on the Cake.

Block #68 Wild Roses

And the October Bonus Splendid Sampler Pumpkin.

Then I moved onto paper piecing, and completed 5 more blocks!!

Block #28 Stitching Fashion I've been avoiding this one since it came out, but I only had to rip out 2 seams!

Block #48 Whim

Block #54Shell.

This one gave me the most trouble. I had to rip out the same seam 4 times!! It could be because I was tired and dealing with crabby kids. After ripping out the same seam over and over, I decided it was time to take a break, get the kids to bed and finish it in the morning.

Block #58 Homeward Bound

Block #67Bobbin Chase.

45 blocks and 5 bonus blocks done!!

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  1. What great catch up sewing. Maybe that's what I need to do. Love the fun fabrics

  2. lots caught up on here, way behind with mine and as I cannot do FPP or applique have tackled none of them

    1. For Applique I do it all with machine, I haven't tried hand turning, I'm putting off the hexie ones.