Monday, December 12, 2016

Weekend of Splendid Sampler Sewing

I spent the weekend Sewing for my Splendid Sampler-I think I'm at 65 blocks done!!

This one is a bonus block for back to school. I made mine a white board, since it seems that all the classrooms at my kids school have these high tech white boards in there classrooms.

Here is block #77 Prism.

Block #78 Jersey

Block #83 Minnesota Maze

Block #86 Unity Star

Block #76 Little Things

Block #72 Full Circle Star

Block #64 Rising Star

Block #66 Happy Thoughts

Block #53 Whirling in Circles

Block #59 Circle of Friendship . This one I thought would kindof look like a surise with the blue and green behind it and a yellow circle. I also pieced the circle fused heat n bond to the back trimmed it some and fused it to the background stripes and than appliqued stitch around it.

Thursday was one of my girls is birthday, when she came home from school I showed her this block and said I made you a birthday cake! (I had also made a chocolate cake for her). She wasn't too impressed with the fabric cake!

Block #79Spool of Inspirational Threads

The more blocks I make the more excited I get to see this quilt all together. And I have all kinds of ideas for new sampler quilts!!


  1. You are doing an amazing job. They are looking pretty

    1. Thank you! I'm getting excited to see this one done!