Monday, March 6, 2017

Baby Gift

My sister's baby shower was yesterday. She's had a few miscarriages and now she is expecting a baby girl in April.

Here's the gift we brought for the shower.

My sister mentioned these burp cloths, so I whipped these two up a couple days before the shower. I was hoping to make a batman one to, but I couldn't find my yellow flannel, maybe I used it all.

My Brother-in-Law likes batman, so I made 2 batman bibs. I got to practice on my embroidery machine!

My sister loves elephants. This is a taggie toy made with some leftover fabric from this quilt that I gave to her a few months ago.

I found a simplicity pattern in my stash for pj's. I seen the 1/2 size and assumed it was 6 months. Nope-it's 3t.

Here's an elephant bib I made for her. (The pacifier says #Spoiled)

And I guess I don't have a closeup picture of the headband I made, and the cards picture was taken with my phone, so I'll share that later.


  1. Too cute!! Especially the elephant theme.

    1. Oh man I forgot about these!!! So glad you rejuvinated them this week!!! The batman one might be on my ist of to do's.

  2. this is going to be one extra special baby and you have made some cute things for him/her. I think everyone loves elephants and you have made some lovely elephant themed things