Saturday, March 11, 2017


The color for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge this month is Red.

Here's my red basket at the beginning of the week.

First thing I did was make the remaining red cats I need for my rainbow cat quilt. All I need to finish now is the orange cats.

Then I did 3 Blocks for the Solstice Challenge.

Block #10Coffee Shop.

Block #9 Among the Stars. I decided to do all 12x12 blocks in a rainbow quilt, but I'm really loving the other design and I might just have to make it sometime.

Block #11 Quilt Math.

All 3 blocks.

Than I did 8 6.5" blocks.

After that I cut all my red scraps up into usable bricks and squares. (I also have some fabric in bigger chunks, which I left)

And here's my red basket after the week.


  1. Low contrast RED blocks and a basket filled with usable parts. Looks like a productive week to me!!

  2. You are on a roll , rolling in the red. Very pretty.

  3. My favorites are your scrappy kitties!

  4. Excellent progress on your red scraps. Your basket is to tidy now.

  5. So much accomplished this week. It must feel good to have the scraps organized too.

  6. Great job both on the large number of blocks and the room inside your basket. Love the red cats. A rainbow of them will be,something to see.

  7. you certainly had plenty of red scraps, I had to search to find enough to make i=just one block! So liking the cats think I will have to have a go at some of those.

  8. So, you have a different color basket for each of your different colored scraps? Oh my! I love that idea! Making the baskets would use up the scraps and then be a beautiful decoration in a sewing room while holding scraps! Genius!
    I love your kitty blocks. I want to make my sister a lap quilt, and I want to do kitties. This block would be perfect for it!

  9. Love all you did with the red scraps! The kitties are my favorite. :)