Sunday, September 10, 2017

Progress update

I took on American Patchwork's UFO challenge.

Back in December of 2016, I made a list.

My list now:

I completed #1. This was gifted to my great nephew.

#2, I haven't done anything to.

I have the backing for #3, just need to piece it together, I'm planning on tying this quilt.

#4. I need to figure out how to square this one up.

#5. I haven't touched this one.

#6. Another one I completed.

#7 and #8: I"ve made some progress on my PL albums. I"ve made the most on my 2016 album, I need to get these done and start on 2017

#9. Sewing machine cover, I haven't done anything to.

#10, my rainbow cat quilt. I got the top complete.

#11. I completed the quilt top.

#12. Crazy Quilt, another one I haven't touched.

I've completed a couple, and have made progress on a couple. I hope to get a few more done soon!


  1. I threw my list away! LOL!!! LOVE the idea of your car play quilt....and your eye spy came out great! Looking forward to seeing it all tied and done.

  2. lots achieved especially loving #6