Friday, January 4, 2019

Rainbow Scrap Challenge

I'll be participating again in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I'm planning on doing the RSC sampler. but I'm also looking at other projects to use up my scraps.

This Rainbow Irish Chainhas been in my list for a while now.

I recently seen a rainbow version of The village quilt and I plan on doing that.

I also think making these fish out of crumb blocks would be fun.

I also plan on finishing the rainbow Scrap quilt I have started.

I would also love to do this quilt.


  1. Oh my! Allof these are great! I think I like the Irish Chain best.

  2. I love the Rainbow Single Irish Chain, thanks for including the link to the tutorial. A bunch of fun projects, I'll be watching your through the year.

  3. So many great plans. The Irish Chain is a great scrappy project to work on in the background. Good luck deciding what to make first.

  4. It looks like you have PLENTY of projects to keep you busy during RSC19!!