Friday, April 12, 2019

Snow and a baby quilt.

Wednesday around 3PM, they called off school for Thursday. This is what it was like outside.

Thursday morning:

Throughout the day it snowed, thundered, lightening, hailed and sleeted. I spent the day cuddling a sick little boy, coughing and high fever.

Friday (today) school was two hours late. Woke up to it still snowing.

I finished this baby quilt about two weeks ago. Can't believe I haven't shared it yet. Someone my husband works for is expecting a baby. His wife is getting induced today! Lucas asked him what kind of baby blanket they would like. He said one with Case IH tractors. The baby is a girl. I wasn't very happy that my husband asked. But after spending a day on the internet searching I found a panel with tractors on it that was girly.

I than spent a week coming the internet looking for a pattern. I seen this quilt posted by Jo.

And I drafted out the size stripsi would need and made this:


  1. Very good. I love the coloured strips you used. Nice finish

  2. Wow that looks like some serious snow. Hope your son is all better. Love the quilt, the colours are lovely. Jo makes lots of wonderful quilts.