Sunday, August 29, 2010

First Haircut!

I seen the color challenge this week at Dollies and I thought how am I going to make that work. But then I found these pictures of Syd, with Navy blue on the neck of her shirt, and a Jean Jacket on.
This was her first haircut. We told her we were going to get her haircut and she was all excited, but by the time it was her appointment, she was sleeping. And not too happy about getting woke up in the haircutting chair!


  1. The first haircut is such a huge milestone - great photos! I love how you used the navy and mint green together as the colour accents, great take on the Dollies challenge :)

  2. so, so cute! the blue and green strips are perfect, and the little flowers are JUST the right little accents!

    love this, girlfriend! xo